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Warszawa 02.01.2017

Horn for Europe

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Open letter

Open letter

Once upon a time trumpets destroyed the walls of Jericho. Today let claxons destroy the walls around hearts and minds.

As the war of civilizations goes on in Europe, it is difficult for the Germans and the Polish to celebrate Christmas and
New Year.

On the 19 December 2016 twelve people died and forty-eight were seriously injured during an Islamic attack in Berlin.
The murdered Polish lorry driver, Lukasz Urban, has become a symbol of human solidarity beyond borders, governments and
the policies of the European Union. The memory of Lukasz has been honoured on the day of his funeral by a mile-long
convoy of hooting lorries organised by the Polish professional union of drivers who inspired many others around Europe,
including German citizens, to follow their example.

We want to thank you for this act of solidarity and invite you to further cooperation with the Polish. We have many
good connections between our nations and now shared duties to protect the achievements and the survival of Latin

Most of us are drivers. Hooting the horn is a simple and peaceful way to show our solidarity with each other. We want
to support each other and demand the return of safety, peace and trust in Europe. We can all press on the horn to
defend the normality of our lives, regardless whether we are German, Turkish, Polish, Irish or French or French of
African origins. It is multi-cultural Europe that now has to unite in the fight against terrorism.

We invite you to hoot your horn daily, between 12 pm and 1.00 pm. Press your horn for one minute to express your sorrow
or anger and to demonstrate your good will and belief in change for the better. Ask your friends and family to do the
same. Let’s show solidarity to each other across all borders and divisions.

And please send us films and pictures documenting your partic****tion in the action to.
hyperoche@gmail..,.com We guarantee your anonymity. This petition in on the Polish website and not on Facebook as our
government respects citizens rights and doesn’t control citizens the way Facebook does.

We’d like to also add that in Elk on New Year’s Eve a Twenty-one year old unarmed Polish man who may have thrown a
fire-work into a kebab shop was stabbed to death by a group of four men from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Instead of
calling the police, the attackers took the law in their own hands. There are now riots in the streets of this peaceful
small town. Elk is in Podlasie, traditionally a multi-cultural region of Poland where many nations and religions lived
in peace for centuries, all happy to obey the ancient Polish codes of peaceful and honourable behavior.

Separately from this tragic incident, the rest of Poland was able to enjoy the New Year Eve peacefully and without heavy
police presence, most of us grateful to our government for its protection of the citizens.

After the attack in Istambul we were afraid to hear any more bad news from Germany and we hope that in spite of the
events in Koln last year and the horrendous recent attack, you are all safe. We are glad and grateful to hear that this
year the police presence provided the adequate safety on the New Year Eve.

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Iwona Liliana Konieczna
02-313 Warszawa

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